Report repair or warranty to DJI

Read the update of this article here: Garantie-of-reparatie-stuur-je-drone-naar-dji/

Crashed or damage? Always have your drone repaired by the absolute expert: DJI.

DJI is the absolute expert and repairs your drone 100% reliable and safe. Do not take risks with other parties (including your retailer) or repairers. A drone can cause unexpected damage.

Register your drone with DJI

The fastest and most effective method to repair your drone is to register it yourself at DJI via this link:
DJI's service is fast and reasonable, with the assurance that your drone is back to normal with full warranty.

Need help?

Do not send your drone to DroneKenner!
By far the most efficient method is registering yourself and having your drone collected or returned by UPS. Do not send the drone to our office in Rotterdam or our warehouse in Nieuwveen. This leads to delays. In warranty issues we want to support, but repairs due to crashes should be handled by DJI.

Excellent service in Europe
DJI has greatly improved its service equipment in the Netherlands in recent years , and the process is simple, efficient and (if necessary) repairs are carried out at a reasonable price. Thereby you are assured that it has been repaired by the manufacturer himself and that no warranty issues can arise due to third party repairs and the safety of your product is maximally guaranteed.

Within the warranty period or under Care Refresh , the shipping costs (in country of purchase) are free, and you may even be able to schedule a pick-up of your drone at an address and time of your choice. Note: Care Refresh replacements or out-of-warranty repairs can only be handled directly with DJI. We do not mediate or facilitate this.