Drone in plane

On a (flight) trip with your drone?

You are going on a journey to a beautiful destination, and what is more fun to capture that with your drone for your friends and family. You already know that they will fall out of their seats of the incredible images you have made with your drone.

Tip: always discharge your drone LiPo batteries to about 50% if you do not use them for a while. That is not only safer but also better for your drone LiPo batteries.

Do you have questions about transporting your drone and batteries on holiday on the plane? Then read on quickly because with our tips you will be well prepared for your trip!

Bringing Drones and LiPo batteries on an airplane while traveling and on vacation

We are often asked what to look out for when you travel by plane and you want to take a drone with you. Can a drone be taken along in hand luggage? And what about the batteries?

Unfortunately, there is not yet an unambiguous answer, so always check with your airline well in advance what the conditions are at that time. The smaller drones (Mavic and Spark series) are usually allowed in hand luggage, even with budget companies. Transporting drone LiPo batteries always carries a risk, but with the right means you can minimize that risk and feel safe while traveling.

Risks of drone LiPo batteries

Are you now wondering the importance of this? Click on this link to see what happened to Herman van Blijker and Martijn Krabbé in a flight from Thailand.

KLM's rules

This is what KLM says about transporting drones and drone LiPo batteries on the plane.

A drone can be taken into hold or hand baggage, as long as it meets the standard baggage rules. If the battery is less than 100Wh and the drone and battery are packed according to the rules , no application is required. If the battery is more than 100Wh, an application is required.

In that case we would like to receive the following information:

  • full name
  • booking code and ticket number
  • kind of drone
  • exact dimensions of the drone (length x width x height)
  • weight of the drone
  • battery type and Wh of the battery
  • whether you want to transport the drone in hold or by hand luggage

Requirements KLM and most airlines

The requirements at KLM (and most airlines) for ordinary drones and batteries:

  • Protected against damage (eg LiPo safety bag)
  • Contact points covered with insulating tape or our protective caps
  • Maximum 2 batteries per person

Fortunately, you can order various products from DroneKenner that make the transport of drones and LiPo batteries in aircraft a lot safer and easier, not only for yourself but also for your fellow passengers.

Order now, and immediately travel safely with your drone!

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