Secure and trusted online payment

Manual transfers are a thing of the past, and no retailer is still waiting for that. But we think it is important that you can pay just as trusted, but much quicker and simpler, securely online in all our web shops through your trusted banking environment. That is why we offer almost all modern online payment methods and banks through secure payment systems that are carefully selected and regularly tested for safety. Your payment will be settled outside of us through secure software from your bank (including via iDeal) or other payment provider to our payment provider. This verifies the payment and upon approval we will immediately receive an automatic message, after which we will release your order for dispatch immediately. Often you have the package well before we actually receive the money. Very easy for you!

Payment failed?

Due to the large amount of organization and software that all have to work together to process your online payment, things sometimes go wrong. This means that you cannot complete the payment, for example, you receive a message that the payment has not been successful, but the amount has been debited. Please contact us and we will check and correct it immediately.

Valid EU VAT number? Then you do not pay VAT!

As a foreign customer with a valid EU VAT number, you do not have to pay tax. During checkout, choose "business" customer, enter a valid combination of the company name and VAT number * and the VAT will be automatically removed from the invoice. This happens instantly and you can immediately proceed with payments after checking in the VIES database.

No manual transfers

We process many orders every day, the payments are automatically processed by secure software and certified companies. We therefore do NOT provide any account numbers for manual transfers. This makes it much easier for us to process your order properly and reliably. However, if you wish, you can still pay us with the "Transfer" payment option by following the instructions.


Surcharge:0%. If you have access to online banking at ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING Bank, Knab, SNS Bank, Rabobank, Regiobank, Triodos Bank or Van Lanschot Bankiers, you can pay for your order electronically in your own trusted payment environment. During the ordering process you choose the payment method "iDEAL". Under your address details you can indicate with which bank you want to pay. You then follow the procedure that you are used to with payments via internet banking. Normally the payment is processed on the same working day. You will not be charged for transaction costs for the use of iDEAL. For more information: ideal.nl

Payment by cards on pick-up

Surcharge: 0%. You can pick up and pay us by bank cards at the counter in Rotterdam. There are no costs involved. Cash payment is also possible, but you do us a favour by paying by bank transfer. Do you want to visit? Call or make an appointment in advance. We ensure that everything is ready (including the coffee) , so that we can possibly give advices or explanations (instead of formalities).

Credit cards

Surcharge: 0%. You can also pay with your credit card (MasterCard and VISA). Your credit card details are sent 100% securely via our payment provider MultiSafePay A major additional advantage of this is that your valuable equipments and accessories are often automatically insured for a certain period against loss, damage and theft (see the details of your credit card for details). We do not charge any transaction costs for credit card payments (0%).

SEPA Credit Transfer

Surcharge: 0%. You can also choose to transfer the amount to us by bank transfer. You can do this via telephone banking, telephone or via a transfer form. With the payment reference you must state your order number which you can find in the order confirmation. The amount must be transferred to account number: NL67 KNAB 0257 1774 18. Please note that it may take 2 to 3 days before your payment is credited to our account. There are no additional costs associated with a SEPA transfer.


Surcharge: 1%. To be able to pay via PayPal, an account with PayPal is required. If you have a PayPal account, it is possible to pay immediately. Payments can also be made via PayPal with a normal credit card. PayPal uses very advanced techniques, therefore a 100% secure payment environment is guaranteed. Given the high transaction costs of Paypal, we are unfortunately forced to charge a surcharge of + 1%. However, you will receive exceptional purchase protection and payment convenience in return.


Surcharge: 0%. We offer our Belgian customers the possibility to pay via Bancontact without additional costs and surcharges. Bancontact has been ensuring smooth payment transactions since 1989 and is the Belgian market leader in electronic payments.

Belfius Direct Net

Surcharge: 0%. It is also possible for our Belgian customers to pay with Belfius Direct Net. Completely free!
Belfius is eating various specialized subsidiaries, using the latest technologies, striving for 100% customer satisfaction!

COD (Cash on delivery)

Surcharge: 1%. With us you can also pay by cash on delivery. Your order will then be sent by DHL and you will pay cash at the door to the delivery person. Be aware that he has no change with him. We do charge 1% transaction costs for this.