PolarPro ND / PL camera drone filtersPolar Pro is a young company that specializes in the production of accessories for action cameras and drones, particularly filters. The company started in 2011 at the University of California in Santa Barbara with the production of a small polarizing filter. With the introduction of the snap-on filter series in 2012, it became possible for the first time to use quick-change filters for GoPro action cams. Since then, Polar Pro has become a leading supplier of innovative and sophisticated GoPro accessories. In the meantime, the range of accessories and filters for drones has also been expanded. Polar Pro supplies accessories for DJI Phantom and Inspire and for the 3RD Solo drones.

The corporate culture of Polar Pro is based on young and innovative thinking employees, ranging from professional snowboarders and surfers to divers and skydivers. This way, the practice is immediately converted into useful products for GoPro action cams. Nowadays, Polar Pro is based in Newport Beach, California.

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