Return To Home: how does it work?

Return To Home: how does it work?

During take-off, the app reports “the home point has been recorded”, when there was a good GPS connection during take-off (note this). Also note the minimum RTH height that you can set in the app. The drone will first fly (up) to the minimum height (unless it is above) and then fly in a straight line to the HP at that height (or higher), and will land directly above the HP. Keep in mind that if the drone flies below anything and the RTH goes into effect, the drone will move straight up if it flies lower than the minimum set RTH height. Consumer drones are currently unable to detect obstacles in the upward direction (July 2018), which often leads to a (serious) crash.

How high can I fly in the Netherlands?
The maximum allowed height for drones in the Netherlands is usually 120 meters. In some areas, such as flying clubs, you can go up to 300 meters. The maximum height that you can set in the app is limited by DJI at 500 meters. It is possible to fly higher, but such modifications may (strongly) affect the warranty.

More information about legislation can be found here:

DJI Care Refresh: fast, inexpensive replacement in the event of a crash

A drone is a valuable device and an accident is in a small corner. Therefore, close Care Refresh on your drone . This "insurance" from DJI covers all damage in the event of a crash of your drone for a fixed low price. So you always fly with confidence!