Connecting GameSir to Ryze Tello (Bluetooth)

How do you connect the GameSir to the Ryze Tello app?

You can not connect the GameSir via the bluetooth dialogue of your phone. This is only possible via the Tello mobile app.
Follow the steps below to connect the GameSir T1d to your Ryze Tello.

  1. Enable bluetooth on your phone
  2. Turn on the GameSir
  3. Start the Tello app on your phone
  4. Tap the gear (left of center at the top of the screen)
  5. Tap "Bluetooth controller settings"
  6. Tap on "GameSir T1d controller" and you will get confirmation "Connected".
  7. The GameSir controller is now connected and ready to use with the Tello.

Can't connect the Ryze Tello app to the GameSir T1d?

Then try one or more steps below.

  1. Put your phone on airplane mode and only turn on bluetooth again. If the connection is now successful, you can then switch on WiFi (leave your phone on airplane mode until now flying with your Tello).
  2. Reinstall the Tello app and try again
  3. Try using a different phone / tablet.

If the connection still does not work, there is probably a problem with your Tello or GameSir. Do not hesitate to contact us.