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"NOOO!!!" You weren't paying attention and suddenly your drone hits something. You watch helplessly as your drone crashes down like a brick and crashes hard against the ground. There you are: totally stunned and not believing what just happened. It sinks in and a rock falls in your stomach as you walk to the crash site. The drone has considerable damage: cracks in the housing, a gimbal dangling loose from the drone, motors that have been completely ripped off. This damage will cost a lot of money, you might have to buy a whole new drone.

How could you have prevent this? With CareRefresh!
With this insurance, the financial cost of a crash is always relatively very low and you will be able to fly again within one or two weeks.

This version of Care Refresh is valid for 1 years and entitles you to 2 replacements. DJI arranges the shipment (so no risk of loss) and you usually fly within a week! Please note: the drone will be replaced (not repaired) so the serial number of the drone will also change.

Delivery within minutes via email: non-refundable!

You will receive your code within minutes of payment via email , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge.

Note: Care Refresh is non-refundable!
Digital products, such as these codes, are excluded from exchange or credit according to Dutch law, because they are not a physical product that can be returned. So make sure that you are going to use the code and that it is for the correct drone.

If in doubt, please contact us first. Even if you happen to miss the 48 hours before activation, it is still possible to activate Care Refresh (this just takes a little more time and effort, read more below).

In addition, you do not have to pre-purchase the code at the same time as the drone. The code and drone (serial number) are not linked at the time of purchase. You will do this yourself later. So you can wait until you are sure that you want to keep the drone. This prevents disappointment when the customer does not need a Care Refresh, because the code obtained will not be credited (because it is not a physical product, it cannot be returned and the retailer cannot determine that the product remains unused).

Register within 48 hours after drone activation

Care Refresh must be activated within 48 hours of activation (first power on and flying) of the aircraft. The first time you connect the drone and the DJI app, you will be asked to activate the drone with your DJI account. Only then can you fly the drone. From that moment you have 48 hours to activate Care Refresh according to our instructions that you will receive from us after purchase or via the link below.
Active for more than 48 hours? Then follow these special instructions (about half an hour of work with 2 people).

Instructions Activate Care Refresh after purchase

You will receive the instructions from us upon delivery of the code. You can also download the instructions in the "Documentation" tab on this page.
Check the status of your drone and care refresh here:

No high costs in the event of a crash? CareRefresh!

DJI Care Refresh is ideal for both novice and experienced drone pilots. After all, an accident is just around the corner. With DJI Care Refresh, you can always be sure that even the heaviest crash will fizzle out. You basically buy off multiple drone crashes for a relatively low amount. That flies so nice!

Conditions DJI Care Refresh

  • Loss is not covered (fly aways are neatly resolved under warranty).
  • You pay a fixed low amount per crash, but you have the choice if the damage is not too bad.
  • Subscription duration: 1 year
  • Number of replacements: 2
  • A contribution is requested for each replacement. View this page and select your drone for the cost.
  • Drone must be active for less than 48 hours. Active for more than 48 hours? Then read these instructions .
  • Note: Under Care Refresh, your drone will be replaced by a repaired model (as good as new).
    You will then receive another drone with a different serial number. This can be a problem if your drone is registered with authorities.

The detailed terms and conditions for DJI Care Refresh can be found here:blank">

Cost of Care Refresh replacements

You initially pay for the Care Refresh service. After that, you pay a fixed low amount per crash, with which you buy off the full damage and the drone is usually replaced. This means that the drone you get back is often another drone with a different serial number. This may result in you having to re-apply for permits or pay an administration fee to change the serial number. Drone pick-up and return are free (in country of purchase)

These amounts are pitiful compared to the normal costs of a repair and, moreover, you usually fly again within a week!

Benefits DJI Care Refresh

  • The certainty that even a serious crash or water damage will be repaired very cost-effectively.
  • Free shipping (within country of original purchase).
  • Super fast replacement of your drone (usually within 1 week).
  • VIP contact with DJI.
Product type
Care Refresh (insurance)
1 year
Code is provided within minutes via email (24/7). Non-refundable!
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DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom
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