Freewell DJI Osmo Pocket 1&2 - Night Vision (lichtvervuiling) filter

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Why a night filter?

The Freewell Gear Light Pollution Resistor Filter is an essential accessory for nighttime photography as it helps to capture crystal clear and sharp images of the night sky by effectively preventing the surrounding light pollution from affecting your image quality.

The Light Pollution Resistor Filter from Freewell Gear is designed for use with the DJI Osmo Pocket 1&2 with a simple attach / detach mechanism. With the Freewell Gear Light Pollution Resistor filter you can easily reduce unwanted light from surrounding artificial light sources and capture the beautiful night sky in all its glory.

Designed using advanced technology, the Freewell Gear Light Pollution Resistor Filter prevents certain wavelengths of light (from artificial sources such as sodium vapor lamps, mercury lamps, etc.) from entering your camera lens and spoiling your night sky photo. Freewell Gear's light pollution resistance filter only allows light waves from celestial objects (such as stars, nebulae, etc.) to enter the lens, successfully capturing even the smallest detail of the night sky.

  • With high-end optical glass, you can capture truly stunning and crystal clear images.
  • Reduce pollution for crystal clear night skies
  • Multi-coated on both sides with 16 layers for extra sharp nighttime photos
  • Lightweight and strong for maximum comfort and durability at the same time
  • Made for both professional and amateur photographers
  • Lifetime Warranty

Night photography is one of the most beautiful and inspiring aspects of photography today. The ability to capture the stunning starry sky at night not only requires skills with your camera equipment, but also requires you to use accessories that help keep the ever-present light pollution from affecting your nighttime aerial photos.

Light pollution is often one of the major concerns for professional and amateur photographers looking to capture crystal clear and sharp detailed images of the night sky. Sometimes referred to as "Photo Pollution", light pollution is simply the presence of an artificial field light source present at night. Light pollution is also classified as one of the most important environmental pollutions as it can lead to changes in the natural environment if it is present long enough. Ultimately, being part of rampant urbanization, light pollution not only leads to health problems, but also negatively affects the ecosystem and damages the aesthetic environment.

For photographers, light pollution is a nuisance that prevents capturing beautiful and natural photos of the night sky with its millions of stars. This is where filters for light pollution resistance come in most useful.

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