Legislation drones Belgium

Drone legislation in Belgium

On this site you will find an explanation of the rules in Belgium: http://mobilit.belgium.be/nl/luchtvaart/drones .
You can download the Royal Decree on the use of remotely piloted aircraft in Belgian airspace here .

The new drone legislation has been in force in Belgium since April 25, 2016. This has been done for years, to come to a firm sandwich and to regulate flying with drones as well as possible. In this article we try to explain the current and still applicable legislation in a simple and clear manner.

For those who prefer to read the full Royal Decree, we had previously published this. If you would like to know with which aircraft you can fly perfectly in your garden without training or exam, you can easily view all drones below 1kg below.

Three subdivisions of the drone legislation

Very briefly, there are three categories in which you can fly with your drone:

  • Recreational (up to 10 meters high, maximum 1kg take-off mass)
  • Class 2 (up to 45 meters high, maximum 5kg take-off mass)
  • Class 1 (up to 90 meters high, maximum 150kg take-off mass)
    • Class 1b: low risk flights
    • Class 1a: high risk flights

In addition, you can of course always fly indoor, but other rules apply (in principle everything is allowed there, but keep it safe, of course!). In the table below you can find an overview of the do's and don'ts for each category from the drone legislation.

All parameters in a row

Min. age? - 16 years 18 years 18 years
Max. take off mass? 1kg 5kg 150kg 150kg
Max. flight height? 10 meters 45 meters (150ft) 91 meters (300ft) > 91 meters possible
Risk class? No risk Low risk Medium risk High risk
Commercial use? No Yes Yes Yes
Need a flight permit? No Yes Yes Yes
Theory training? No Yes Yes Yes
Theory exam? No No Yes Yes
Practical training? No Yes Yes Yes
Practical exam? No Yes Yes Yes
LAPL medical certificate? No No Yes Yes
BA Insurance? No Yes Yes Yes
Registration device? No Yes Yes Yes
Homologation device? No No No Yes
Flying above private property? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flying above built-up areas? No No No Yes
Flying in controlled airspace? No No No Subject to authorization from the BCAA
Flying above crowds? No No No Yes
Distance to obstacle? > 50 meters > 50 meters > 30 meters <30 meters possible
Flying within sight? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Need a risk analysis? No No Yes Yes
Need a flight statement or admission? No No Statement Admission
Target price training? (excl. VAT) € 150 € 750 € 2,500 € 2,500