50CAL Monitor Hood L128 zonnescherm voor telefoon/tablet

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50CAL monitor hood universal (lens hood for phone / tablet)

Do you also find this so annoying? The weather is wonderfully clear and you want to fly with your drone, but due to the bright sunlight you can hardly see your screen while flying and it is difficult to keep your drone in sight! Not exactly pleasant and very disturbing, and possibly even annoying. With this Monitor Sun hood from 50CAL that is a thing of the past!

How do you choose the right size for your phone or tablet?

  • Measure the length of your (visible) screen.
  • This size must be smaller than the L size of the monitor hood.
    Eg L111 means that it is suitable for screens with a length of up to 111 mm.
  • The length of your screen is preferably only a few millimeters shorter than the L size of the lens hood.

PGYTECH monitor hoods - choose the right size
Click on the image to enlarge.

The L size stands for the number of millimeters between the raised / angled flaps of the monitor hood. This size must be at least equal to the length of the screen of your mobile phone / tablet and slightly less than the total length of your mobile device. Keep in mind that these monitor hoods do not always fit optimally for your tablet. Measure the length of your screen (or actually the part of the screen that is used to display the DJI GO4 app) and compare it with the dimensions of this monitor hood. Choose the variant (Lxxx) that best matches the length of the size. The diagonal size in Inches unfortunately does not say enough about whether or not these hoods fit optimally and is strongly dependent on the length / width ratio of your screen.

The 50CAL Monitor Hood for mobile phones and tablets creates an artificial shadow so that you can see the screen of your Apple iPhone / iPad or Android phone / tablet in bright sunlight. As a result, you no longer have to turn your body in the sun or find another source of shade. Not always pleasant and you can lose sight of your drone.

But that is no longer necessary with this high-quality monitor hood (lens hood) for phones and tablets. The high raised edges create a substantial shadow, making the screen much more visible in almost all circumstances. This allows you to focus 100% on operating your valuable DJI drone, and you have an optimal view of the screen so that you do not miss any important information.

These monitor hoods are available in different sizes based on the screen size of your mobile device. Compatible with all DJI drones, remote controllers and accessories.

Product features

  • Always a good view of your screen and therefore your drone!
  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • Sturdy flexible attachment that stays in place
  • Compatible with many mobile devices
Product type
Monitor hoods (sunshade)
2 year
Size of your screen
L < 128 mm (±5,7" screen)
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