Advice and tips for beginners

Fly safely, then you will have the longest fun!

A new drone is exciting, but don't be tempted to make hasty decisions. Unfortunately, the number of crashes on the first day is very high, so here are some tips below to ensure that you can enjoy your drone for as long as possible.

DJI Care Refresh: fast, inexpensive replacement in the event of a crash

A drone is a valuable device and an accident is in a small corner. Therefore, close Care Refresh on your drone . This "insurance" from DJI covers all damage in the event of a crash of your drone for a fixed low price. So you always fly with confidence!

Precautions and Tips

• Insure yourself for crashes with DJI Care Refresh with which you can buy off large damage for a low amount.
• Just received new? Take it easy, read the manuals and make sure you are familiar with all terms and all buttons on the transmitter.
• First fully charge the batteries and remote controller!
• Watch instructional videos on YouTube and read this mail carefully
• Practice in the meantime in a simulator (free)
• DJI Go4 app (small screen)
• DJI Assistant 2 (big screen, more info below)
• Never fly when the DJI Go4 app gives (red) warning and resolve it first (call us for advice if necessary)
• Check battery, IMU and compass status before every flight. Pay attention to deviating values of 1 or more cells of the battery.
• Calibrate the compass at every new location
• Be careful with Intelligent Flight Modes. Make sure there is enough space and always keep your drone in sight and one finger on the stop button.
In Active Track, for example, the drone can fly backwards to keep the target in view. You can prohibit this in the Go4 app.
• Only use the Return To Home (RTH) function if you really have to. Preferably fly back yourself (click on the tickets at the bottom left to maximize them).
Under the influence of, for example, strong magnetic interference or other influences, your drone may unintentionally fly elsewhere. In the worst case, you will not be able to return on time and your drone may land far away from you.
• Be careful when flying under something! In the unlikely event of a disconnection, the aircraft will automatically enter RTH and first ascend straight up to the specified RTH altitude.
• Do not grab a drone from the air! This can lead to serious injuries. If you really have to: grab the drone from below and immediately tilt it 90 degrees around the longitudinal axis of the drone. The motors then switch off immediately. This only works with DJI drones.
• Your drone crashed? Always return your drone to DJI for maximum safety:

DJI Assistant 2 + simulator

Download here:
DJI Assistant for their drones is definitely something you should familiarize yourself with sooner or later.
It allows you to upgrade or restore firmware, calibrate sensors, consult flight data, simulate a flight with your drone and much more.

Simulator: practice with your own drone and remote

You can also fly virtually with your drone in the DJI assistant. Make sure you remove the propellers because the drone really thinks it will fly (the engines will actually start running) but all commands and resulting movements are displayed on a screen / monitor. You control everything with the remote control. This offers the perfect environment to get to know and practice your drone.

Drone connoisseur does not repair drones

Due to the greatly improved service of DJI in recent years, we send all repairs directly. You are assured that your drone will be 100% checked and repaired by the expert: DJI. We also offer other brands to the manufacturer.