DJI offers excellent service in Europe


Do not wait and contact DJI directly via chat or e-mail. In warranty cases you just get a new drone if the flight logs show that it is a warranty case. DJI has really improved its service in recent times, otherwise we will take it for you!

Note: this does not immediately mean that you always get a new drone. This is ultimately up to DJI to decide based on the information.

You can find even more information in our Helpdesk (with search function).

Do not panic!

Sometimes a DJI drone with a camera suddenly goes away. This happens with all brands, not only DJI, but you hear about it more often because as the market leader, DJI simply sells much more camera drones than any other brand.

A fly away is of course very annoying, but if you are sure that it was not up to you, you have a good chance that DJI takes responsibility. It can be due to a variety of factors, such as interference or just a manufacturing defect. DJI are very advanced and complex machines and the number of things that have to work together perfectly is awe-inspiring. Did your drone suddenly go off? Then you can do the following:

  • Drone purchased from DroneKenner? Please contact us and we will give you concrete information with tips & tricks (the advantage of doing business with Kenners).
  • Contact DJI and await their response and instructions.
  • Share your flight record with DJI via the cloud. You can do this via the DJI GO4 app. These drone flight data contain detailed information about the circumstances of the problem.
  • Patiently await the analysis of the DJI research team.
  • Often you will receive a response from them within a few days.
  • If it is under warranty, you will often receive a new DJI drone quickly! We have had cases where the customer already received a new DJI Spark a week later! Please note: this differs per case and also depends on your own cooperation.

We see that DJI is fair and takes responsibility. They are careful with their reputation. In previous years their service was often frustrating and sometimes dramatic, but that has drastically improved and DJI now delivers excellent service throughout Europe via no less than 2 service centers from the Netherlands!


The fastest option is to register a repair yourself at:

DJI has greatly improved its service device in the Netherlands in recent years, and the process is simple, efficient and (if necessary) repairs are carried out at a reasonable price. Thereby you are assured that it has been repaired by the manufacturer himself and that no warranty issues can arise due to third party repairs and the safety of your product is maximally guaranteed. Within the warranty period or under Care Refresh , the shipping costs (in country of purchase) are free, and you may even be able to schedule a pick-up of your drone at an address and time of your choice. Note: Care Refresh replacements or out-of-warranty repairs can only be handled directly with DJI. We do not mediate or facilitate this.

DJI Care Refresh: fast, inexpensive replacement in the event of a crash

A drone is a valuable device and an accident is in a small corner. Therefore, close Care Refresh on your drone . This "insurance" from DJI covers all damage in the event of a crash of your drone for a fixed low price. So you always fly with confidence!


Tel Support: +31 20 654 5202
Email: [email protected]
Online Support:


This option is only available to customers who have purchased the drone through us. Please note: this process will probably take longer than when you create the repair yourself and hardly saves on the actions you have to perform. In addition, you have the option via DJI to have the package picked up at a place and time of your choice.

If you still want us to handle the repair, you can proceed with the processls described above under the heading "How do I register my return / repair?".