Warranty or repair? Always send your drone to DJI Repair

Warranty or repair of a DJI product?

As a customer, we often assume that sellers fulfill their obligations and help you as a customer as best as possible with guarantees and repairs. In most cases this is also the case, but unfortunately with drones (and especially those of DJI) we see that things often go wrong.

That is why our advice is:

Always send your DJI product to DJI

Via this link: https://repair.dji.com/repair/index?lang=en

Are you stuck? Here you will find our guide to DJI Repair .


  • you get the most professional service from the manufacturer itself,
  • it is usually replaced or repaired within 1 to 2 weeks,
  • it is cheaper and faster than through your seller.

When you immediately report a defective product, the problem is usually solved within 2 weeks, and often even within one week, by DJI's experienced technicians. Repairs outside of warranty are carried out for a good price on the basis of a clear quotation, whereby you can be assured that every problem has been solved 100% professionally and that your drone is completely reliable and safe again according to the standards of the manufacturer.

Don't fall for repairs through the seller where they present the price; usually this is just a (significant) margin and delay on top of the service through DJI and sometimes it is even repaired improperly (with possible loss of warranty). If you accept repair through a drone seller, make sure they are an authorized service partner of DJI.

The service from DJI is fast and affordable, with the certainty that your drone is completely in order with full warranty.

In this article we explain why DJI's service is excellent (certainly compared to a few years ago).
Unfortunately, we see in practice that some resellers sometimes perform the service on behalf of DJI dramatically poorly, with poor communication with customers, the time between submission and response can sometimes take months, invoices are very high and the customer receives little or no explanation about the circumstances. and have to accept the bill

That is why we advise you not to send your drone to the seller for repair or warranty, but to DJI: they take their responsibility and reputation very seriously and almost always come up with a good solution.